Our Story


The Washington Diversity & Veterans Foundation was founded in 2012. This Foundation was initiated as necesity to aid and contribute design programs (with partners) and leadership development programs for workforce sector, entrepreneurs and businesses in order to assist Diversity and Veterans in the challenging financial situation status in Washington Community in striving to support  and to advocate to implement and enhance the economic development  growth.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to  inspire, educate, and empower entrepreneurs.


Our Vision:

WDVF offers business skills, education, and leadership classes. WDVF focuses on vocational training and mentorship in an effort to create self-sustainable businesses. Another special focus of our organization is to provide employment and entrepreneurship related services for individuals who have suffered Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury.


Our Commitment:

The Washington Diversity and Veterans Foundation’s commitment is being Veteran’s Business Education Consultant for other organizations and an entrepreneur’s incubator striving to sustainable success outcomes that elevate Diversity and Veterans by building upon personal and entrepreneurial achievement skills by offering the best services, tools, programs, and resources to facilitate the creation of new businesses and support existing businesses for the underserved Multicultural and Veterans to foster economic development in Washington State.


Our Core Programs

The Washington Diversity and Veterans Foundation will provide vocational scholarships, grants to establish businesses, workforce education and training, mentoring, networking, and leadership development to entrepreneurs and business owners to foster economic development for Diversity and Veterans in challenging financial situation status.

What Keeps Us Going

WDVF is proud to introduce our
Veterans Objective Mission
Women Veteran Objective Mission Program

Designed to assist and provide resources to veteras and to in-service members (departing military within 1 year) to help them start businesses.


We encourage to submit your application for the 2023 Program


Please send email to silvia@wdvfoundation.org to request the password to access information.