The Washington Diversity & Veterans Foundation provides a variety of services to entrepreneurs:


  • Membership
  • Grants to start a businesses
  • Vocational Scholarships
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership Program
  • Resources
  • Veterans Resources


The opportunity to be sponsors and/or volunteers for a number of activities and events. These include monthly networking meetings for information sharing, monthly business education/leadership seminars, workshop trainings, the Diversity and Veterans Diversity Business Growth Opportunities Forum, and at the annual Awards Gala Dinner Banquet.

We provide direct services to entrepreneurs that include consulting, networking, resources, and mentoring services.

Members’ adverstising and marketing with communications in the form of a quartly newsletter and regular monthly meetings as well as special bulletins, and group benefits such as coordinating with our members’ to post on our website jobs wanted, community events, mentors, volunteers, and their business name and contact information, distributions of business promotions for rates and discounts.

Among the workforce trainings and business services planned (with partners) for the future some are: Washington Diversity and Veterans Leadership Program and Veterans’ Corporate Society Progams and Entrepreneurial Leadership Class. The foundation will provide the guidance/education and tools required to establish a business. The foundation will provide on-going consulting to existing businesses to assist them in generating profit and creating jobs.

We understand the need for strong alliances within this challenging economy. With the support of sponsors and members, we will be able to offer workforce education and training, consulting and mentorship services for entrepreneurs. Our programs will enhance the minority and Veterans businesses sector by providing the opportunity to connect with corporations who wish to do business.

What Keeps Us Going

WDVF is proud to introduce our
Veterans Objective Mission
Women Veteran Objective Mission Program

Designed to assist and provide resources to veteras and to in-service members (departing military within 1 year) to help them start businesses.


We encourage to submit your application for the 2023 Program


Please send email to to request the password to access information.